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~ Last Updated on Monday January 01, 2024 ~

2018 Rocky Mountain Mini Silky Show


2x Best in Show MCH Bells Goats Cleo at 6yrs old

2017 Goat Show

Rocky MTN Fainting Goat Show Logan UT 2016

Colten and Bells Goats Farrah Jr Champ Doe

Cooper and Moxies Legacy 2X Jr Champ Doe

Chase showing Bells Goats Luna MGR Jr Champ Doe 2016

Colten and Chase

Copper Mountain MSFGA UTAH Show June 2015

KC proud of her BEST IN SHOW win

Coop and Lil Mac with 2X Grand Champ Sr Buck

Jared and Res Champ Sr Buck Shooter

Chase Champion Overall
Youth Showman

Cooper Reserve Overall
Youth Showman

Western Fainting Goat Show in Idaho Aug 2013

Coop and 100 Grand 2x Jr Champ Doe

Bells Goats Charger 3x Grand Champ Sr Buck
Owned by Ponderosa Goats in Idaho

Kacee and Annie
Sr Champ Doe

Rocky Mountain Fainting Goat Show - May 2013
4 MSFGA Shows

3X Best of Show Wins to
MCH Bells Goats Elvis

1 MGR Show
Grand Champion Doe and Best of Show to Bells Goats Rosie

Yellow Rose of Texas Show November 10th 2012

2 Shows
4 Grand Champions
1 Reserve Champion
BOTH Shows Best of Show

Best of Show Elvis in TX

Sr Buck Champ and Best of Show Coop in TX

2x Champ Jr Buck in TX

Maddie Jr Champ Doe in TX

Texas Show Crew - November 2012

National Goat Expo Show in Iowa 2012
MCH Bells Goats Elvis (19 Months old)
Took a Jr Champ Buck to Finish him as a
Master Champion and then
Won the "4 of 4" Best of Show Titles
Owned by Dorothy Lial Goats of Cedar City, Utah

sired by MCH Bells Goats Patch and Bells Goats Fancy Girl

Bells Goats Jackie with Colten
2012 Oregon Freedom Mini Silky Show

Grand Champion Sr Doe and Best of Show

Bells Goats Sweet Sixteen
by Bells Goats Rosie and
MCH Bayshores Brandon
Fainting Goat Guild Futurity
Grand Champ at WFGS Qucik Draw and
Res Champ at Valley of the Sun Futurity Shows

Bells Goats Annie With Shar
Valley of the Sun Novemberfest 2011 - Fainting Goat Guild
Grand Champ Doe and Best of Show Winner
MCH Bayshores Brandon and Bells Goats Jackie

Cozy Acres Woodstock
MSFGA 2011 The Duel - Best of Show
by MCH Bells Goats Kylee and
MCH Bayshores Brandon
Owned by Cozy Acres

Bells Goats Elvis
(Pictured at 8 months)
Owned by Dorothy Lial
sired by
MCH Bells Goats Patch and Bells Goats Fancy Girl

MCH Bells Goats Roxie with Colten winning BEST OF SHOW
MSFGA 2011 Novemberfest

MCH Bells Goats Patch with Sharla Winning BEST OF SHOW
MSFGA 2011 Fall Harvest Show
Owned by Johnson Home Farm www.johnsonhomefarm.com

Colten and Aspen
2010 California MGR Res Champ Doe

MCH Bayshores Brandon winning his 7th Best in Show
Western Fainting Goats Show May 2010

~ Future Sire Master Champion in Making ~
Cooper and Bells Goats Patch
Grand CH Jr Buck MSFGA Fall Harvest 2010
Owned by Johnson Home Farm -
Jennifer Johnson

Cooper and Patch
Western Fainting Goat Show May 2010
Bells Goats Patch took
Res Grand Champ Jr Buck

Father and Son Photo
Bells Goats Triton
Son of MCH Bayshore's Short and Sweet
and MCH Bayshore's Brandon

MCH Bayshores Brandon
SR Buck Grand and Best in Show
WFGS Sharp Shooter Sept 2009
Bells Goats Triton
Jr Champ Buck and Best in Show
WFGS Quick Draw Sept 2009

Branden thinks showing is fun but a lot of work too! Whew!!!

Bells Goats Banner and Ribbons
Cuddy Mountain Hoe Down May 2009
2 MGR and 2 MSFGA Shows

Bayshores Brandon MGR Grand Champ Sr Buck
and Best in Show
Cuddy Mountain Hoe Down Dosado and Do Paso
Bayshores Short N Sweet
Grand Champ SR Doe
Both MSFGA Cuddy Mountain Hoe Down Shows

Bells Goats Triton (by Brandon and Short N Sweet)
Reserve Champ JR Buck
Both MSFGA Cuddy Mountain Hoe Down Shows

Dixie Grand CHAMP SR Doe
Brandon Grand CHAMP JR Buck and Best in Show
Short and Sweet Grand CHAMP JR Doe

Father and Son
MCH Bayshores Brandon
and Son Bells Goats Coop


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