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~ Last Updated on Thursday November 16, 2017 ~

Bells Goats Archer and Whispering Acres Kayos
Born May 14th, 2017
Mini Shorthair 93.75% MGR Fainters


J109 Blue Eyed Moonspotted Buckling


Bells Goats Little Lue and Whispering Acres Kayos
Born April 25th, 2017
Mini Shorthair 95.31 % MRG Fainter

J102 Doeling


Bells Goats 2 Fancy and Flying J Fainters Talon
Born March 25th, 2017
Longhair Mini Silky Fainters

J54 Buckling


(Baby Picture)


Bells Goats Vision and Whispering Acres Lunas Kayos
Born February 7th, 2017
MGR 98.5% Fainters

J7 Buckskin Polled Buckling
with Moonspots

(Baby Picture)


Bells Goats Little Lue

Born April 2014

Orange Moonspotted MGR

 90.62% Fainter Doe

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