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~ Last Updated on Monday June 18, 2018 ~

Bells Goats Rue Two and Bowden Goat Ranch Diablo
Born April 8 2018
99.25% MGR Shorthair Fainters

Blue Eyed Buckling K80


MCH Bells Goats Eternity and Flying J Kraken
Born April 10th, 2018
Mini Silky Longhair Fainters

K82 Buckling

K83 Doeling

K84 Buckling

K85 Polled Doeling


Bells Goats Klarissa and Triton Moon
Born January 16th, 2018
99.25% MGR Shorthair Fainter

K6 Blue Eyed Doeling


MCH Roxies Girl Dreamer and Silver Ace
Born April 7th, 2018
Mini Silky Fainters

K75 Buckling

K76 Doeling


Bells Goats Thumbs Up and Bells Goats Silver Ace
Born April 3rd, 2018
Mini Silky Fainters

K73 Doeling


K74 Doeling



Diamond Goats Lacee and Bowden Goat Ranch Diablo
Born March 31st, 2018
MGR Shorthair Fainters

K72 Moonspotted Blue Eyed Buckling

K71 Moonspotted Blue Eyed Buckling



Bells Goats Pricillas Princess and Flying J Kraken
Born March 27th, 2018
Mini Silky Fainters

K61 Buckling

(Baby Photo)


MCH Bells Goats Miss Ella and Flying J Kraken
Born March 27th, 2018
Mini Silky Fainters

K59 Buckling

K60 Buckling


MCH Bells Goats Miss Ellie and Bells Goats Elliot
Born March 4th, 2018
Mini Silky Fainters

K36 TINY Buckling

 K37 Buckling

 ~ Retained ~


Bells Goats Audi and MCH Bells Goats Elvis
Mini Silky Fainters
Born January 20th, 2018

K10 Buckling

K11 Buckling


(Baby Photo)

K12 Buckling
Bells Goats Cruise


Bells Goats Archer and Whispering Acres Kayos
Born May 14th, 2017
Mini Shorthair 93.75% MGR Fainters


J109 Blue Eyed Moonspotted Buckling

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