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~ Last Updated on Tuesday October 17, 2017 ~

Bethsheba and Jake
Born May 3 2017
MGR 98% Fainter

Blue Eyed Moonspotted
J77 Buckling


Diamond Goats Brownie and MCH Bells Goats Fabio
Born April 24 2017
Mini Silky Longhair

Doeling J5


Diamond Goats Midnight and MCH Bells Goats Fabio
Born April 17 2017
Mini Silky Longhair

Tiny Blue Eyed Doeling J3


Bells Goats Willow and Flying J Talon
Born April 17th, 2017
Mini Silky Longhair Fainter

Bowden Goat Ranch Millie
Blue Eyed


Bells Goats Archer and Whispering Acres Kayos
Born May 14th, 2017
Mini Shorthair 93.75% MGR Fainters


J109 Blue Eyed Moonspotted Buckling

J108 Blue Eyed Moonspotted Doeling

~ Retained ~


Bells Goats Little Lue and Whispering Acres Kayos
Born April 25th, 2017
Mini Shorthair 95.31 % MRG Fainter

J102 Doeling


MCH Bells Goats Bell and MCH Bells Goats Elvis
Born April 24th, 2017
Mini Silky Longhair Fainters

J75 Doeling


(Baby Picture)


Bells Goats Luna and Whispering Acres Kayos
Born March 29th, 2017
Mini Shorthair 97.5% MGR Fainters

J62 Polled Buckling


Bells Goats 2 Fancy and Flying J Fainters Talon
Born March 25th, 2017
Longhair Mini Silky Fainters

J54 Buckling


MCH Bells Goats Miss Ellie n Bells Goats Little Joe
Born February 13th, 2017
Mini Silky Longhair Fainters

J13 Buckling


Bells Goats Vision and Whispering Acres Lunas Kayos
Born February 7th, 2017
MGR 98.5% Fainters

J7 Buckskin Polled Buckling
with Moonspots

(Baby Picture)

J5 Buckskin Blue Eyed Polled Buckling with Moonspots


Bells Goats Nibbles
Born Feb 24 2015
Polled Doe
98.5% MGR Registered


Bells Goats Little Lue

Born April 2014

Orange Moonspotted MGR

 90.62% Fainter Doe

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