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~ Last Updated on Saturday January 13, 2018 ~

Bayshores Brandon is the First Goat Ever
to finish and title in BOTH the different Registry's!

Permanent Grand Champion (MGR)
Master Champion (MSFGA)

Bayshores Brandon


Miniature Silky Fainter
MSFGA and MGR Registered


Bells Goats Elvis

Miniature Silky Fainter
by MCH Bells Goats Patch and Bells Goats Fancy Girl
Owned in Partnership with
Dorothy of Lial Goats

4X Best of Show Winner at 2012 National Goat Expo
3X Best of Show Winner at the 2013 RMFGS

Elvis just out for a stroll. Check out all the Hair/Coat on this guy.
He is just over 1.5yrs old in this Video and is 20.5 inches tall.

Flying J Rustic

Mini Silky Fainter
by Bells Goats Little Joe
and MCH Flying J Stardust

Flying J Kraken

Mini Silky Fainter
by MCH Flying J Bravo
and MCH Flying J Siren

Bowden Goat Ranch Diablo

MRG Moonspotted Fainter
Blue Eyed
by Kiva De Chacos Cosmos and Bells Goats Ruby


Whispering Oaks Kayos

MGR Mini Moonspotted n Polled

Flying J Talon

Mini Silky Fainter
by MCH Flying J Fainters Pype Dream
and MCH Flying J Wren

(Talon's Baby Picture)

Bells Goats Lookin at Lucky

Mini Silky Fainter
by Bells Goats 2 Fancy and Flying J Fainters UT Shooter

Bells Goats Joker

Mini Silky Fainter
By Bells Goats Little Mac and Bells Goats Camery

(Joker's Baby Picture)





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