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~ Last Updated on Tuesday January 03, 2023 ~

The New girls are growing up...

Golden Doodle Daphne cooling off....

Rosco taken a dip...

Lena 2018
FIVE - 6th Generation Mini Nubian Kids


Flying Kid... Get Ready Get Set n GO.....

Where is Burzo Guard dog on Duty? Can you find him?

Baby Alpaca
"Christmas Karol"


Male Bulgarian Karakachan Livestock Guardian dog.

Baby Llama x Alpaca

"Snow Much Fun" December 2013

Cute Family Photo - 2013

Powder Sugar and Baby Boy - 2016

Texas Show Crew - November 2012

Darby the Doberman

Darby "Puppy Sitting"

Darby likes to tend the bottle babies

Darby Playing with the Goats and
Burzo making sure she is playing NICELY with his goats

Darby and Baby


Father and Son
MCH Bayshores Brandon
and Son Bells Goats Coop

Mr Incredible Funny Face

Kami the House Goat

Bells Keepsake
Blue Eyed

(Brinlee the doxie sneaking into the photo...
...where's the doxie?)

Fun Fall photos up Middle Fork Canyon

Rudy Likes the Tractor at the Reef's Farm

Tri Colored Blue Eyed boy by Karissa

Kelsie Lou (Baby Nigerian Dwarf)

Katilynn (Doxie) Meets Bella (Fawn)

Buckshot meets Moe

Blossom is expecting SOON       ...we hope



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