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We are located on the East Bench of the Beautiful Wasatch Mountains in Uintah Highlands, Northern Utah. It feels like we are out in the country, but it's close to the city. We love raising Goats and many other critters.
Most of our Fainting Goats are the Miniature size.
We bred this size to have small all around great pets.
Here at Bells Goats we strive to breed to the Breed Standards so they can be enjoyed for many years. Whether you are looking for a goat to be just a fun pet or goats for the show ring or if you want to start or expand a herd to breed them
we are here to help!!
All goats are annually tested for Diseases to insure we only sell healthy goats and kids from a clean healthy environment.
We have been breeding goats for many years and have a variety of colors and patterns, including the Moonspotted Fainters! Each goat is different and unique. Along with the regular short hair Fainting goats we also raise the Miniature Silky Fainting Goats. These are little Longhair goats. Mini Silkies are breed to look like little Terriers. They grow long flowing coats that are easily maintained and have a very fun and different look to them.
We also have the Miniature Nubians goats. These are mini milkers for those that want fresh home grown goats milk to those that like the Dairy goats but want something a little smaller the Mini Nubians are great little goats!

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All Inquires are most welcomed! Feel free to contact us about our goats.



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